Most Standard Metal Vibration for Saltwater

A slim metal vibration lure with a light and lively retrieve sensation. Its thin metal plate body enables top-notch response to the rod action and slow retrieves, setting it apart from conventional models with its low pitch action that strongly appeals to targets and induces reaction bites. Its comfortable resistance when retrieving makes it easy to use for long retrieves without getting tired. The high-density full metal body also has excellent casting capability for targeting long distances. It is effective as the first lure to use for fishing with several structures. Available in 75mm-18g and 85mm-26g with 5 colors. Hooks included.


SALT METAL VIB 75 #1 IWASHI1875ASK4516508 24311 6
SALT METAL VIB 75 #2 HOT PINK1875ASK4516508 24312 3
SALT METAL VIB 75 #3 RED GOLD1875ASK4516508 24313 0
SALT METAL VIB 75 #4 CHART BACK PEARL1875ASK4516508 24314 7
SALT METAL VIB 75 #5 COTTON CANDY1875ASK4516508 24315 4
SALT METAL VIB 85 #1 IWASHI2685ASK4516508 24316 1
SALT METAL VIB 85 #2 HOT PINK2685ASK4516508 24317 8
SALT METAL VIB 85 #3 RED GOLD2685ASK4516508 24318 5
SALT METAL VIB 85 #4 CHART BACK PEARL2685ASK4516508 24319 2
SALT METAL VIB 85 #5 COTTON CANDY2685ASK4516508 24320 8