Most Standard Long Jig

With a focus on a feeding pattern that predators tend to eat long-shaped bait fish such as hairtail, this jig comes in sizes and colors that make it easy to catch blue-backed fish. While reducing water resistance during jerking, this jig maintains a moderate slide width in the meddle of water and you can easily sense the bottom thanks to its rear center of gravity. They are available in a lineup of 200g to 300g to match various fields.


NEW 200g #01 PLAIN SILVER 200200ASK4516508 24734 3
NEW 200g #02 HOLOGRAM SILVER 200200ASK4516508 24735 0
NEW 200g #03 GLOW HEAD SILVER200200ASK4516508 24736 7
NEW 250g #01 PLAIN SILVER 250220ASK4516508 24737 4
NEW 250g #02 HOLOGRAM SILVER 250220ASK4516508 24738 1
NEW 250g #03 GLOW HEAD SILVER250220ASK4516508 24739 8
NEW 300g #01 PLAIN SILVER 300230ASK4516508 24740 4
NEW 300g #02 HOLOGRAM SILVER 300230ASK4516508 24741 1
NEW 300g #03 GLOW HEAD SILVER300230ASK4516508 24742 8